Some of the images inspiring the next Polypores release. Original photos by my father, Steve Russell Buckley.

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Edgewoods review

Click HERE to read the full review of the Edgewoods EP on the Active Listener website.

“This is music that floats through the decayed urban air of today as well as all our yesterdays. ‘Airfix’ is virtually a moog symphony, choral keyboard strings adding a truly epic and orchestral feel to the song. And this music is also hugely affecting; there is an unsettling air here for sure, but also one of melancholy and desperation. This is electronic music made with a human sensibility.”

“For fans of the previously mentioned John Foxx, Jon Brooks work and of acts such as Broadcast, this is essential listening. Finale ‘Desire Paths’ waves of synth, twinkling piano and insistent percussion leaves us with an almost anthemic work of otherworldly, urban analogue fear and tension. Often artists working within similar fields strip back and minimalise their sound to make it more authentic; Polypores follow their own unique, cracked concrete and leaf strewn woodland path that instead effectively adds more detail and fills out the music with wave upon wave of thrilling electronic dystopia”

A visit from the ghost of Christopher Lee, and Polypores live…

Seconds after reading about the death of the great Christopher Lee on Friday, a lightbulb exploded above my head, showering me in hot glass. I took this as a sign and on saturday night I went about making this track. It’s 14 minutes long and deeply unsettling. Respect for a fine and talented gent.


In other less sad news, those who live in the Tulketh Mill area of Priest-Town may have heard a series of deep rumblings in the last week or so. The wail of a fallout siren. A disembodied voice or three. The spectre of a melody.

Do not be alarmed. These noises are a result of my recent experiments, experiments which will result in live Polypores performances. Although I was initially loathe to leave the ramshackle comfort of my home studio, I have been persuaded that there may be people who exist OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET who want to hear what I do.

I am hard at work preparing a live set. Approximately 30 minutes of Grave-Wave and Queasy Listening.

The Edgewoods EP

polyporesedgewoods cover

The Edgewoods EP is now available via Bandcamp. It is free to stream, but if you are kind enough to pay just £2 to download it, you will receive 4 bonus tracks. Because I am a very generous person.


  1. The Clinic
  2. We Assure You That This Is Perfectly OK
  3. Airfix
  4. The Circle
  5. Wormfarm
  6. Desire Paths
  7. Subterranean Conduits (download only bonus track)
  8. 10,000 Shipping Containers (download only bonus track)
  9. The Operating Manual (download only bonus track)
  10. Whispering Masts (download only bonus track)

The Active Listener reviews Polypores “The Investigation”

Highly regarded alternative music blog The Active Listener have kindly reviewed “The Investigation”. Click HERE to read the review in full.

Here is a small exerpt:

“Practitioners of this sort of Radiophonic stuff never seem to have any problem getting the mood or the vintage synth tones right, but an alarmingly large number seem to believe that alone should be enough to satisfy us. Not Polypores, AKA Stephen James Buckley though. While Buckley certainly has a mastery over this particular sound (despite using what he himself refers to as “some of the cheapest synthesizers known to man…”), he’s also careful to ensure that each of these very carefully composed tracks is built upon memorable melodies, often layered upon each other to create wondrous new counter-melodies that stick in your head, instead of merely building a mood that dissipates as soon as it’s finished playing.”

A review

Oh look, a review.

the sunday experience

Being the kind and thoughtful souls that we are we’re signing out for the evening and leaving you in the disquieting company of polypores – an analogue and flea market sourced cannibalised 70’s keys studio boffin sometimes going under the name Stephen James Buckley whose just released a debuting set entitled ‘the investigation’ which we will – er – investigate in the very near future. For now though something cooked up as recently as last week in a creative flurry all housed and filed away as ‘the sleep department’ project from out of which we’ve taken a shine to ‘labyrinthine corridors’ – a slice of stilled futuro chilled disturbia hinting of worlds mind controlled by super brained artificial intelligence and sterilised of humanity, looped minimalist murmurs drilled in hypnotic Dadaist brain wiping motifs which serve as mesmeric trance toned synthetic symphonia to keep the slave drones in sleep states no…

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